We manage your investment correctly with legal processes, procurement, investment, and financial consultancy.

Administrative processes for the planned Solar Energy System (GES) project begin with the ATR application to the relevant distribution company in the region and, for the land, with the Marginal Agricultural Land letter and the environmental impact assessment process. Following the ATR application, there is a document evaluation, technical evaluation, and if the application is approved by OPCOM, the ATR is granted, and the preparation of implementation projects begins.

In these processes, professional support and management for potential adjustments required in your facility's existing electrical system demand high precision. We handle all the legal processes related to your Roof and Land GES project on your behalf, ensuring follow-up and keeping you informed regularly.

At Premier Rise, we are here to help ensure the success of your solar energy investment. We have a team of experts and engineers in solar energy projects, striving to provide you with the best opportunities. Considering that your investment will work for 30 years, we procure the most suitable materials for your system in terms of unit price, quality, operational performance, and efficiency. Through partnerships with leading companies in the industry, we assist you in sourcing the right products at minimum cost. We have an experienced team in solar panel production and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) to help you select the most accurate products and provide solutions during the procurement stages.

What We Offer:

Project Assessment: Expert analysis to identify the most suitable solar energy projects.

Financial Consultancy: Investment return calculations and cost estimates.

Project Management: Ability to manage your projects from start to finish.

Licenses and Permits: Assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

Equipment Procurement: Sourcing quality solar energy equipment.

Operation and Maintenance: Efficient operation and maintenance of your solar energy systems.

Project Area: Evaluation of the right and advantageous investment areas.

We offer financial expertise to maximize the financial success of your solar energy projects.

Why Do You Need Financial Consultancy for Solar Energy?

Solar energy projects offer an attractive option both environmentally and financially. However, to successfully complete these projects and ensure sustainability, the right financial strategy is required. This is where we come in.

Project Assessment: We evaluate the potential and risks of your solar energy projects.

Financial Planning: We align your projects with budget and financing strategies.

Investment Return Analysis: We calculate the expected returns of your projects.

Investment Sources: We develop strategies to manage your investment resources effectively.

Business Model Development: We create optimized business models for your solar energy projects.

Tax and Incentives: We help you make the most of tax advantages and incentives.

What We Offer:

Personalized Strategies: We create financial strategies tailored to your solar energy projects.

Risk Management: We guide you in identifying and reducing financial risks.

Cost Optimization: We determine strategies to align your projects with budget goals.

Investment Return: We provide investment return forecasts and monitor the financial performance of your projects.

Ongoing Support: We provide continuous support to secure the financial health of your projects.

We are here to maximize the financial success of your solar energy projects."

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