Electricity Networks

We help develop investment projects by improving the electrical infrastructure with our expert team in the field.

Electrical Network Design

According to the ANRE C1A certificate, grid operators design and certify at the CTE commission electrical, overhead or underground lines with a nominal voltage of 0.4 - 20kV and transformer stations with a higher nominal voltage not exceeding 20kV. Our team of experts in the field provides the design part for the development of investment projects.

Conducting low voltage electrical networks - 0.4kV nominal voltage

* Electrical connections for powers greater than 30kW Construction of underground power lines to supply electricity to industrial facilities or vehicle charging stations

*  electrical networks to supply electricity to residential complexes

*  modernization of low voltage power lines

*  Relocation of existing networks to obtain appropriate site approvals

Execution of medium voltage electrical networks

* medium voltage substations (feed points, connection points) for both residential complexes and industrial purposes;

* Underground power lines for feeding industrial consumers as well as vehicle charging stations;

* electrical networks for supplying electricity to residential complexes;

* fiber optic cable installations for signal transmission;

* command, control and relay protection installations in new or existing PTs;

* Installation/application of LES 20kV accessories (sleeves, external or internal terminals)

* Construction and improvement of ground sockets for existing or newly designed substations

Construction of electrical installations for industrial or civil purposes

* Construction or modernization of electrical panels (with applications in the electricity supply of industrial and civil buildings)

* construction or modernization of industrial process automation panels

* Construction of panels and automation installations according to the requirements of specifications/projects/design themes/other certified resources

* lightning rod installation installation in industrial buildings and public institutions

* Construction or improvement of ground connections in industrial and civil buildings

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