Solar Power

We enable profitable investments with a turnkey fully integrated EPC approach for GES.

We believe that the quality of EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) activities is directly proportional to the maximum efficiency of GES investments within the time-project-installation triangle. EPC is the company responsible for conducting engineering work and handling all the details, including installation and procurement in GES projects.

At Premier Rise, we evaluate your investments with a turnkey fully integrated EPC approach for GES. We take care of your investments with the most accurate design, product, and installation for your project. With our working principle based on the maximum efficiency and minimum cost, we ensure that you make the most efficient investment.

We handle all the services on your behalf, including ATR (License for Electricity Generation) acquisition, preparation of the application project, approval from the electricity distribution company, preparation of the static project, obtaining compliance letters from relevant authorities, procurement and installation of photovoltaic solar panels, procurement and installation of supporting structures, procurement and installation of solar inverters, procurement and installation of DC cables, AC cables, and cable connectors, necessary revisions in the control panel and OG panel, material procurement and installation of current-voltage transformers and bidirectional meters, data recording, measurement, and remote monitoring system, grounding and lightning protection installation, system room, necessary alarm warning systems, labeling, testing, and commissioning, as well as the completion of the acceptance procedures for the solar energy power plant in compliance with regulations and providing training.

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